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HeartSine 500P AED with CPR Advisor

HeartSine 500P AED with CPR Advisor

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Defibrillator Features

  • Integrated real-time CPR feedback Easy-to-understand visual and voice prompts guide the rescuer through the entire resuscitation  process, providing specific feedback on the force and rate of compressions.
  • Clinically validated technology. Gives instructions regarding compressions with audible “Good Compressions” or “Push Harder,” “Push Faster” and “Push Slower.” The feedback is also displayed on the front of the AED, to ensure that the respondent performs the most effective CPR. 
  • Shock Delivery. 500P is designed to analyse heart rhythms and the AED will instruct the responder to press the shock button to deliver a shock..
  • Proprietary CPR Advisor technology detects the force and rate of CPR being applied via the defibrillator electrodes, without the need of accelerometers or pucks. AED monitors compressions by cardiac output (Blood flow)
  • Pad-Pak system is unique, one expiry date, contains battery and pads in simple to replace cartridge. Lasts for 4 years
  • Easy-to-follow visual and verbal guides
  • Portable, lightweight (1.1kg) and rugged (IP56 Rating). 

All this Included

  • 8 Year Warranty, with lifetime support
  • HeartSine PAD 500P Semi Automatic Defibrillator
  • Adult PAD PAK - 4 year electrode pads / battery in one cartridge
  • Carry Case
  • BLS Kit (CPR barrier device, shears, razor, wipes & pads)
  • Additionally, you have access to our AED support, phone: 016363112

Forward Hearts Campaign - FREE AED

  • Survivors of a sudden cardiac arrest event can potentially save another life by donating an AED to the organization of the survivor’s choice.

Managing Event Data - FREE Upgrades

  • After rescue we can help you, downloading and submitting event information
  • Free Software updates via USB data cable & Saver EVO software. 

Tracking Requirements - Free Follow-up

  • Medical device regulations require us to track the location of each AED sold
  • Registration in our database for periodic replacement of batteries & electrodes 
  • It is recommend that users are trained in CPR, First Aid and the use of a Defibrillator. Safety Squad offer discounts on a range of course nationwide
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