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Heartsine PAD 350P – Semi Automatic

Heartsine PAD 350P – Semi Automatic

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Defibrillator Features

  • Shock Delivery. 350P is designed to analyse heart rhythms and the AED will instruct the responder to press the shock button to deliver a shock..
  • Clinically validated technology. Proprietary electrode technology and SCOPE biphasic technology automatically adjust for differences in patient response to intervention.
  • Pad-Pak system is unique, one expiry date, contains battery and pads in simple to replace cartridge. Lasts for 4 years
  • Easy-to-follow visual and verbal guides
  • Portable, lightweight (1.1kg) and rugged (IP56 Rating). 

All this Included

  • 8 Year Warranty, with lifetime support
  • HeartSine PAD 350P Semi Automatic Defibrillator
  • Adult PAD PAK - 4 year electrode pads / battery in one cartridge
  • Carry Case
  • BLS Kit (CPR barrier device, shears, razor, wipes & pads)
  • Additionally, you have access to our AED support, phone: 016363112

Forward Hearts Campaign - FREE AED

  • Survivors of a sudden cardiac arrest event can potentially save another life by donating an AED to the organization of the survivor’s choice.

Managing Event Data - FREE Upgrades

  • After rescue we can help you, downloading and submitting event information
  • Free Software updates via USB data cable & Saver EVO software. 

Tracking Requirements - Free Follow-up

  • Medical device regulations require us to track the location of each AED sold
  • Registration in our database for periodic replacement of batteries & electrodes 
  • It is recommend that users are trained in CPR, First Aid and the use of a Defibrillator. Safety Squad offer discounts on a range of course nationwide
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